MyMedInfo -Available Now in the App Store!

In order to take the best care of yourself and your family, you need to be in charge of your health, and the health of those surrounding you. MyMedInfo empowers and enables you to organize key medical information and health goals for yourself and your loved ones, and gives you the ability to easily access that information in the moments you need it most.

Be the most important person on your medical team with MyMedInfo. Download the app here.

Here’s what that breaks down to:

·      Next time you head to the doctor, that dreaded medical form will be a breeze! With MyMedInfo you’ll be able to swiftly identify your child’s specific allergies, the date of your last Tetanus shot, or the type of blood pressure medication your husband is on.  And for those medical emergencies it brings you peace of mind in the most stressful situations.

·      What’s the very first question you’re asked when you walk into a doctor’s office or hospital? Nine times out of ten, “Do you have insurance?” With MyMedInfo, now you’ll always have you’re insurance information on hand. It stores primary, secondary, dental, and any other kind of insurance you have.

·      But your health is not just about managing illness, it’s about making sure your physical, mental and spiritual well being is in check. MyMedInfo takes a 360-degree view of your health and allows you to set goals and objectives that lead to physical and mental wellness.

·      MyMedInfo allows you to securely store all your medical information on your personal device, to provide the best care for your family and loved ones, and allows you to save time in the process.